About Us

Pharmacians is a destination for the people looking for expert & unbiased reviews on various health-related products. The idea of creating such a platform came into my mind after receiving so many requests for recommendations about healthcare products.

Being a professional Pharmacist I often come across such queries as which is the best glucometer? Which sunscreen would be best for my skin type? What kind of power wheelchair is best for outdoor use? Not only this but also several people looking for basic information related to their health & wellness use to contact me quite often.

I realized that there are a lot of other people who don’t have access to someone available all the time to provide them such information on a mere phone call or text.

I talked to my fellow pharmacists, convinced them and made a team for creating a platform that would address all the queries related to medical products as well as basic health information.

At pharmacians.com we provide detailed and unbiased reviews on health products with pharmacists’ recommendations in the form of the top 10 list with pros & cons of each product.

We also aim to educate our audience. So the buyer’s guide with all products is an add on benefit for our worthy visitors which will enable them to make a smart purchase.

Last but not least, you will also find articles containing useful information & tips for your health and wellness at pharmacians.com If you like our idea please leave your feedback. All suggestions for improvement are highly welcomed.