Best hair dryer for curly hair

If you ask a girl that is the part of her body that she loves the most and which is the part that annoys her the most. The answer would be the same, and it would be her hair. Women are so much in love with their hair, and women with curly hair often find it hard to style their curly hair.

Hairdryers are an essential tool to make your curly hair stylish and ravishing. Buying the right hair dryer for styling your curly hair can be difficult, but the good news is that many fantastic and useful hairdryers can lock your curls perfectly and can make your curly hair look amazing. 

Detailed researches are carried out on what kind of nutrition is required for your hair, but no one invests time in thinking that which hair dryer is suited for their curly hair. We go to the store randomly and buy a hairdryer that we believe is the top-selling brand right now.

Not many of us know that the manufacturers of hair dryers have come up with an extensive range of hairdryers suited for different hair types. We will be listing down the top 10 hairdryers for curly hair that can make your hair look pretty and ravishing like never before.

Product Name


Jinri Blow Hair Dryer with Diffused Technology
Wazor Blow Dryer Professional
Remington Hairdryer Damage Protection
NITION Negative Ions Hair Dryer Diffuser
Babyliss Pro Hair Dryer Ceramic Black
Devacurl Hairdryer Ionic with Diffuser
John Frieda Hair Dryer Frizz Free
Dyson Hair Dryer Supersonic
Centrix Q-zone dryer
Conair Hairdryer With 2 In 1 Style

Top 10 best hair dryer for curly hair

1. Jinri Blow Hair Dryer with Diffused Technology

Jinri Blow hair dryer gives you a salon-like performance and dries out your wet hair in a few seconds. Every one of us is busy with our lives, and our hectic routines can make it difficult for us to invest so much time on our hair. A blow dryer is a tool that can save your time and dry and style your hair in a few minutes.

You are ready to go anywhere special because getting your hair done is not an issue anymore. You don’t have to invest in going to the salon because Jinri Blow Dry will do the magic for you.


  • Makes your hair dry in less than 5 minutes
  • Perfect for styling your curly hair
  • The design of the hairdryer is professional and elegant
  • Comes in black color
  • Light and compact in size
  • Comes with a variety of speed and heat settings
  • Gives your hair a shiny texture
  • It helps you to dry your hair and make your hair shine 
  • It helps to prevent your hair from damage
  • It can help you do professional styling 
  • It comes with a cool shot button which releases cool air 
  • The hairdryer overheats sometimes
  • The design of the hairdryer is not that impressive

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2. Wazor Blow Dryer Professional

Wazor Blow dryer is made up of innovative technology and has a built-in motor that is great for styling your curly hair. The styling done by the blow dryer can last for a long time. It helps to give a frizz-free look to your hair and makes your hair shiny and soft.

The Wazor hair dryer helps to make your hair smooth, and it works a lot better than compared to other similar hair dryers in the market. It protects the dryer from overheating, and if you have been holding the dryer for a long time, your hands are protected because the hairdryer never heats up.

It is easy to hold and its compact size makes it easy for you to use it for long periods of time.


  • It has a sleek and slim design
  • The AC motor installed in the hairdryer is salon professional
  • It has a diffuser and a wind comb that makes your hair smooth
  • The filter lint attached to the hairdryer is removable
  • It makes your hair smooth and stylish
  • You can dry up your hair in a lesser time
  • The heat settings can help you style your curly hair
  • The hairdryer can overheat sometimes, and the airflow is too hot
  • The product is a bit heavy, and it can become a little difficult to hold the dryer

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3. Remington Hairdryer Damage Protection

The damage protection hairdryer can help prevent damage to your hair. Pollution and bad eating routines can sometimes dry up your curly hair and make it challenging to look shiny. Remington does that job for you and protects your hair from getting damaged.

The airflow of the hairdryer is balanced, and you can settle the heat and speed settings according to your needs. You can easily do the styling of your curly hair according to the latest trend and go to a party. The only downside of the hairdryer is that it has various heat settings and styling the hair can be a bit difficult for you.


  • It has a stylish looking design
  • Comes in purple color
  • Built-in coating protection to prevent damage to your hair from heat
  • The conditioner technology can help to nourish your hair and bring back the lost moisture
  • One cold shot button to suspend a cool airflow
  • The hairstyling becomes easy and gives the necessary volume to your curls
  • Consumes less of your precious time
  • You can hair dry quickly and can try out various curly hairstyles
  • You can get bouncy and soft curls
  • It gives protection to your hair from unnecessary heat
  • Heat settings can be challenging to set up
  • The airflow is too fast

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4. NITION Negative Ions Hair Dryer Diffuser

The NITION hairdryer is designed explicitly for styling curly hair. It will help you provide locks on your curls and keep your waves for a long time. The hairdryer helps you to get thick and shiny curly hair. It also gives volume to your hair and makes them look bouncy and strong.

It can also provide extra protection from heat rays and prevent breakage. Hair drying your hair too much can sometimes damage your hair, so the hairdryer should be able to protect your hair from damage and heat.


  • Gives you shiny and good looking hair
  • Helps you to dry your hair quickly
  • AC power motor installed in the hairdryer can help you do perfect styling
  • The Ionic technology can make your hair smooth
  • Saves a lot of your time and quickly dry your hair
  • It can help you get silky and healthy hair
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • It might not be a suitable pick for you if you have long hair
  • It might not function well if it is turned on for a long time

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5. Babyliss Pro Hair Dryer Ceramic Black

The Babyliss Pro hair can give your hair volume and make them shine brightly. It can give your hair a professional styling. If you want to try different hairstyles for curly hair, you can try Babyliss Pro. There are more than six-speed settings, and the airflow can make your hair dry in a few seconds.

You can get frizz-free hair and make your hair look soft. The hairdryer has a unique design and it makes the product different from other similar hair dryers in the market.


  • The blow dryer can help you get professional hair styling
  • Makes your hair bouncy
  • Gives volume to your hair
  • Comes in black color
  • Makes your hair frizz-free
  • It can help you to make your hair smooth and silky
  • The hairdryer is lightweight and easy to carry
  • It is simple and easy to use
  • The product overheats sometimes, and the motor burns after prolonged use.
  • The hairdryer might not be durable and need repairs.

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6. Devacurl Hairdryer Ionic with Diffuser

The hairdryer has won many awards for its performance and is an excellent buy for people with curly hair. Devacurl can help your hair soft and shiny and can make your hair frizz-free. The hair fryer can lock your curls and blows dry your hair from the roots.

It helps to maintain your natural curls and provide thickness to your hair. Your curly hair looks bouncy and fluffy. The cool shot button can lock your curly hairstyle correctly and can make you ready for your next special event. 


  • The high-speed airflow of the hairdryer can quickly dry your hair
  • It can lock curls and waves
  • Maintains the airflow of the dryer
  • It is suitable for all hair types but is specially designed for curly hair
  • Beauticians have awarded it
  • Comes with a diffuser
  • You can try out different hairstyles if you have curly hair
  • The hairdryer transmits heat evenly
  • Locks down your curls and waves
  • It is an expensive hair dryer as compared to other hair dryers in the market
  • It might not be a long-lasting product

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7. John Frieda Hair Dryer Frizz-Free

The John Frieda Hairdryer works very well to keep your frizz-free. Many people have curly hair, and they look for things that can make their hair look straight, so rather than trying out various things, it’s better to purchase this blow dryer for daily use.

The ionic technology which is used in the making of this dryer will make hair drying easy. The motor is also mighty, and you will be free of any issues. Let’s look at some features.


  • The AC motor is lightweight and compact at the same time
  • The ceramic coating and ionic technology are both used to bring positive effects on the hair
  • There are three heat and two-speed settings which can be adjusted according to your requirement
  • There are a diffuser and concentrator which are blending well to give you an effortless hair drying
  • The cool shot button is another bonus for making the curly hair straight
  • The hairdryer is easy to use
  • It does not take much space and is easy to store
  • It is suitable for straightening the hair
  • It is a little expensive when you compare it with other products
  • It is not very durable and may need repairing after long term use

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8. Dyson Hair Dryer Supersonic

Dyson Hair Dryer supersonic is an updated version of a previous model released by the manufacturers. The motor is of high speed and can work very well for any person. No matter you are a professional or a first-time user, this dryer will give you the best results. It will maintain the shine and much-needed hydration for the hair.

The hair drying process won’t take much time, and if you are getting late for a special occasion, it will save you time. Your hair will become frizz-free, and if you are fond of straight hair, use a conditioner or serum along.


  • The hair drying capacity of Dyson hairdryer is quicker than other hair dryers
  • The magnetic elements used in the making can easily be attached or detached
  • The diffuser, concentrator, and nozzle are of high quality
  • Your hair won’t damage as it won’t allow the pressure of heat to remain on only one strand
  • The hairdryer is very light and compact
  • The Dyson hairdryer is customer friendly and gives a lot of benefits to the users
  • The styling and hair drying is no longer an issue
  • If you look at the design and features of Dyson hairdryer, you will be tempted enough to purchase it
  • One of the few problems people have with this dryer is that it is not very durable
  • It is highly expensive for a normal buyer

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9. Centrix Q-zone dryer

The Centrix Hair Dryer is a well-designed product that is made using ceramic. It will give your hair the desirable look and people will compliment you a lot. Even if you are not planning to go to the salon, this hair dryer will give you salon-quality hair.

When you have Centrix hairdryer, why go to the parlor and use extra bucks, it does not make much noise when you are using it, so even if someone is sleeping beside you, they won’t get disturbed.


  • Centrix Hairdryer is a masterpiece as it is designed using a particular fan which will prevent any noises while drying the hair
  • There are two-speed settings which can become fast and slow according to the cold shot button of the dryer
  • The air regulation is of good quality, and the styling of hair becomes easy
  • Many people in the salon are using it, and people at home can use it to make their hair look perfect
  • The curly hair will grow straight in just a matter of a few minutes and that too with a finishing touch of salon style
  • The handle is well made, and the concentrator, diffuser, and nozzle are right too
  • The cord is extended while the motor is durable too
  • It will give your hair the most stylish look
  • The dryer will make the blow drying process quick and smooth
  • The hairdryer can be used at home, barbershop, and salons
  • The fan of the motor starts malfunctioning at times and needs to repair otherwise it will give out a lot of noise
  • It’s not very good for long term uses

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10. Conair Hairdryer With 2 In 1 Style

The Conair hair dryer comes packed with a 2 in 1 style, and it will make the hair drying very easy. Your hair will become straight, and the ceramic technology will prevent it against any damage or harm. The heat will distribute all over the hair strands and give your hair a neat, beautiful, shiny, and bright look.

The three-speed settings can be customized according to the requirement, and whether you are using it for regular use or a special occasion, it will help you out. The hairdryer is considered to be a good option if you are planning to travel somewhere. You can carry the hairdryer in the bag, and the diffuser can control the frizzy hair effectively.


  • Conair Hairdryer is available in different colors and designs, but the style is 2 in 1
  • The pink color will be suitable for young girls, while women of older age can look for other color options.
  • The motor is of 1875 watts and is lightweight to carry anywhere.
  • The diffuser and concentrator can distribute heat to all hair.
  • If you want curled hair or curled free hair, it can give you a perfect look in an instant
  • The design is beautiful and easy to carry and hold
  • The cord of this hair dryer heats up frequently
  • The hairdryer is expensive

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We have come up with a comprehensive buying guide for our valued readers so they can have a better understanding and knowledge about the hairdryers and how they can be used in everyday routine. The hairdryers are being used for personal and commercial use both, and you can save your time and effort as well.

Read on below to know more about the best hair dryers for curly hair.

How much wattage is required for curly hair?

The electrical power of a blow dryer is called the wattage. If you choose wattage, which is between 1000-1800 watts will be more suitable for thin hair, but if you are selecting a hairdryer for curly hair, you may require a bigger wattage, so buy a hairdryer with a wattage of 3600 to make your hair curl or frizz-free. This tip will surely give you a lot of benefits while buying one for you.

What are the preferred speed settings of a hairdryer?

Each of the hair dryers in the market comes up with three-speed settings. It can be low, medium, or high, and you have to choose each setting according to your hair type.

What technology should be selected for the purchase of a hairdryer?

Nowadays, technology has been advanced, and you cannot use one type of hair dryer of all hair types. There is a variety available in the stores, and you can choose between ceramic, ionic, or titanium. The titanium made hair dryers are more suitable for curly hair.

What is a cool shot button on a hairdryer?

The cool shot button is like a blessing for the users, and it works magically to style your curly hair in an instant. You don’t have to make an effort and change the settings of the dryer to get the most desired look.

Is there a specific design which is suitable for a hairdryer?

It’s always a better idea to choose such a design and size of a hairdryer which can fit in your hand perfectly. Also, it should be able to store in a small space easily to save yourself from any problems. The styling becomes very easy, and you can give your hair a bounce even though they are curly turned straight hair.

Which brand of hairdryer is suitable for curly hair?

All the hairdryers mentioned above are suitable for curly hair, so you can quickly select any of these to make your hair day perfect. Some of the hairdryers come at affordable and friendly rates while the others are a little expensive as well.


There are plenty of hairdryers available in the market; some become fast selling products while others remain to be a not so favorable choice. If you get recommendations from someone, it may become useful, but once you start using something yourself, you can judge for the better. If you want to give your hair a beautiful look, then try using one of the hairdryers for curly hair from the list here. We are sure you won’t be disappointed after using it.