Best hair dryer for fine hair

Having fine and smooth hair is every girl’s dream. We all know how irritating it gets when our hair is all messed up, and we don’t know how to make them right.

Hairdryers are the best tools to structure and smoothen up your hair and styling them. People with fine hair often face problems because their hair gets limp and fragile, and volumizing them up becomes a big issue.

You have to find the perfect hair dryer for your hair, and it can be a game-changer. For starters, it can get very difficult to pick out the best hair dryer that suits their hair type.

There are various hairdryers available in the market that are perfect for gentle and fine hair and will allow you to say Good Bye to ugly and bad hair days.

When there are so many options available, you need to consider all the features of the hairdryer to know which one is perfect for you.

We will review the ten best hair dryers for fine hair that are perfect for making your hair shiny and thick looking. We will provide you all the details about each product along with their features and other details so that you can pick out the best one for you.

1. Best Overall: CHI Ceramic Hair Dryer

CHI ceramic hair dryer is perfect for a regular everyday hair drying tool for your hair. The best thing about the hairdryer is that it is lightweight and it is easy to carry it while you blow dries your hair.

The Hairdryer is easy and simple to use, and you don’t have to be a tech person to use the hairdryer. The hairdryer provides moderate and even heat and you don’t have to fear about harming your scalp area.

The airflow is fast, and your wet hair gets dried quickly. It helps to eliminate frizziness from your hair and give them a silky touch.

The hairdryer utilizes ceramic technologies that have a lot of healing properties for your damaged hair. The moisture in your hair is locked up, nourishing your hair and leaving them radiant and vibrant.


  • A powerful and lightweight motor dryer
  • Delivers a fast airflow
  • Minimizes the heat damage and keeps your hair safe
  • Reduces frizz and makes your hair soft
  • Comes with a slim and sleek design
  • Makes your hair styling simple and easy
  • It prevents hair damage and doesn’t harm your hair
  • The hairdryer is lightweight and has a good grip
  • It has multiple temperature settings
  • It doesn’t have a cold temperature setting
  • It is made up of cheap plastic
  • Not very durable

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2. Best for Travel: BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Bambino Compact Dryer

It is all Thanks to powerful and mighty dryers like BaByliss Pro that you don’t have to comprise on your hairstyling just because you are traveling.

Hair is a significant part of your appearance, and you need to look great while you travel around different countries. The dryer is lightweight and weighs less than 10 ounces, and it easy to carry. It uses the nano titanium technology that promises smooth and silky hair.

It has a small size but has a full impact of a powerful and strong dryer. The dryer is very easy to use, and it comes with a specialized nozzle attachment that lets you try our various styles.

Most travel dryers are loud and don’t give satisfactory results. BaByliss Pro Nano is unique and will provide you with the perfect hair when you are traveling. 


  • It is a compact travel hairdryer
  • It gives you shiny and smooth hairstyles
  • Lets you explore the number of hairstyles
  • Releases powerful airflow
  • Comes with a 1000 watt power 
  • Looks like a small dryer but has a power like a giant dryer
  • You can set the settings to low and high heat
  • The hairdryer isn’t loud 
  • It has an elegant appearance
  • It works well for three months or so and needs repairs after that
  • It is not foldable

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3. Best Affordable Option: Conair Infiniti Pro Dryer 

The Conair Infiniti is a cost-saving product and doesn’t compromise on quality. The hairdryer is the most affordable options in the market and has a lot of features.

The hairdryer comes with an AC motor that allows your hair to dry quickly. The airflow is even and moderates that prevent your hair from getting damaged by the excessive heat.

Many users of the product claim that it has brilliant features for a low priced hairdryer. It gives a lot of volume to your hair and gives the volume that you desperately want.


  • Dries your hair like a professional
  • It uses an AC motor that gives incredible airflow
  • It is made with ionic technology that gives you smooth hair
  • The cold shot button makes the curls stick and let you try different hairstyles
  • You can get professional results by using the hairdryer
  • It gives you a quick dry 
  • Protects your hair and give you a long-lasting styling
  • It doesn’t come with a diffuser
  • The fan motor sometimes doesn’t turn on

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4. Best for Fine, Frizzy Hair: MHU Professional 1875w Ceramic Hair Dryer

The hairdryer is perfect for tackling your hair problems. If you have dry or frizzy hair, you can settle them down and make them look soft and stylish by using this wonderful product.

It comes with a diffuser that helps to dry up your hair in minimal time. The hair dryer has a removable lint filter that helps to extend the life span and durability of the product.

It has two-speed settings, and you can set the speed according to your preference. The technology supports healthy hair and gives your hairless heat damage.


  • Reduces your time for drying up
  • It has low noise, and it isn’t loud
  • Eliminates your frizz and gives your hair a smooth look
  • Reduces the risk of damage
  • It has a comfortable grip
  • The hairdryer is low noise and doesn’t create loud sounds
  • It has a powerful AC motor
  • Save 50 percent of your time because it dries up your hair quickly
  • It isn’t very easy to turn the voltage on
  • The buttons are hard to operate

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5. Best for Fine, Curly Hair: GHD Air Professional Performance Hairdryer

The hairdryer uses advanced ionic technology and cuts down your hair drying time into half. It locks moisture in your hair for a long time.

It has three-speed settings that allow you to change the settings of heat according to your preference. You can adjust the speed and heat settings according to how much volume you want.

Your hair becomes soft and smooth. The frizziness goes away, and you get vibrant and silky hair. Get back your healthy hair by using GHD air professional hairdryer.


  • Gives you a salon finishing
  • The AC motor makes it powerful as compared to other dryers
  • The results last longer
  • Locks in moisture 
  • Sets your style in place
  • It brings your good hair days back
  • The hairdryer lets you try different hairstyles
  • It reduces frizz and gives you silky and shiny hair
  • It doesn’t have an original hologram code
  • It isn’t durable

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6. Best Diffuser for Fine Hair: Bed Head Curls in Check 1875 Watt Diffuser Hair Dryer

The hair dryer is best for fine and curly hair. It reduces frizz and keeps your curly hair intact. It is ideal for people with curly and wavy hair. It locks in the curls and gives you healthy hair.

The tool will make your hair gentle and soft and is suitable for any texture. If you want some added definition and volume to your hair, this hair dryer could be the best pick for you.

If your hair looks limp and thin, this hairdryer will bring back the life back in your hair. It will give you healthy hair that looks full and thick.

Now you don’t have to worry about getting a bad hair day because Bedhead curls have all the features that can make your curly hair look great.


  • Ceramic technology helps to tame your hair and gives them a smooth look
  • Chill out button helps to cool down the hair which helps in providing a better styling
  • Three heat/2 speed settings for drying up hair quickly
  • Tangle-free features don’t tangle your hair
  • It is suitable for all hair types
  • The drying surface is large
  • It gives you faster and quicker results
  • Saves up your time
  • You might need a voltage converter if you are using it while traveling
  • The diffuser is not removable
  • It overheats sometimes

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7. Best for Fragile Hair: Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Dryer

The Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Dryer is designed especially for the fragile hair and will give it the much-needed bounce and volume. The dryer is made of ceramic and will offer sufficient heat to the hair.

The far infrared heating elements will help the hair dry out quickly and easily. Each strand of hair will feel soft and straight, giving them the much-needed boost.

It works well for every type of hair, so you don’t have to be hesitant while using it. Even if you have color-treated hair, it will work correctly on that as well.


  • You can achieve salon-style hair with this dryer even while staying at home. The much-needed boost and volume, which is missing in your hair, can be made easily.
  • It comes with a 2000 –watt power, which makes it a secure choice to use.
  • Powerful and easy to use and specially designed for fragile and delicate hair
  • It is not only super-fast, but the flow of air is lovely too
  • The dryer is lightweight and easy to handle
  • Best for all types of hair
  • Works well on color-treated hair
  • Although it dries fast, the airflow is very hot
  • It’s heavy to carry if you are a beginner

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8. Best for Damaged Hair: Remington Pro Hair Dryer with Pearl Ceramic Technology

When you are dealing with thin and beautiful hair, you have to be extra careful as they are prone to damage easily. A thin hair also falls out quickly as they are already weak, so choosing a hairdryer that suits this type of hair is the right choice.

The styling habits should be selected wisely for thin hair, but a good blow dryer will make your work more comfortable than before.

The heat and blow while drying out should be moderate enough, which will make your hair look beautiful and shiny.


  • Remington pro hairdryer is designed using pearl ceramic technology
  • The pearls which are infused in the ceramic barrel when blown out on the hair have special conditioners which will make your hair soft and smooth
  • It has got 40% airflow
  • It consists of a professional motor
  • Three heating and two speeding sets is a plus while the cool shot makes it worth the buy
  • The dryer comes packed with 1875 max power
  • Perfect for thin and weak hair
  • Easy to use and handle
  • There is a cool shot button
  • This styling tool will give your hair a professionally styled look
  • It may have some technical problems after continuous use
  • Maybe a little expensive for some

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9. Best Professional Option: Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

The Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer is a perfect pick as it has been recommended by the professionals too. It has become the most popular choice among people as it has a lot to offer to cater to the needs of many hair types.

The damaging heat effects will no longer be a problem as it will dry out your hair in a short time without giving any problem. The patented air technology used for manufacturing this product makes the motor lighter and smaller.

The air temperature, which is released after every 20 seconds, can be adjusted according to your requirement.


  • The dryer will prevent heat damage and protect the real shine of your hair. The temperature is kept under control as there is a natural system through which it’s checked every 20 seconds.
  • It comes with a power of 1600 watts, and the ultra-fast drying option works best for all hair types
  • The Dyson styling and diffuser are of high quality
  • Lightweight and easy to handle because the motor is small
  • It offers various setting options like fast drying and styling, regular and gentle drying with a choice of constant cold 
  • The power motor can be tuned according to your requirement
  • Perfect for all hair types
  • Lightweight, balanced, easy to use
  • The styling concentrator is faulty at the time
  • It’s a little expensive

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10. Best for Volume: John Frieda Frizz Ease Full Volume Hair Dryer

All the products of John Frieda are perfect and give professional styling touch to the hair. Your daily budget will remain in control, but you can enjoy quality styled hair for any special event you are planning to attend.

The two concentrators which are used to manufacture this volume hairdryer will keep your hair full of volume.


  • You can get frizz-free shine, and your hair will look like you have come out of a salon.
  • It consists of a lightweight AC motor and 1875 power watts which are suitable for your daily use
  • The heat distribution is even because the dryer is designed using a Titanium Ceramic coated grille. Your hair will feel fuller and shinier than before.
  • It includes two concentrators and one diffuser to enhance the volume of hair
  • The three heat settings and two concentrators 
  • The diffusers are perfect for thin hair
  • It comes packed with professional rocker switches
  • The diffuser doesn’t turn off easily
  • It’s a little bulky

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Buyer’s Guide

Good hair is an asset, and all men and women are very conscious when it comes to styling their hair. Some people prefer going to the salon, but if you are interested in an economical option, then choosing some of the best hair dryers for your hair type will give you professionally styled hair at home.

If you are planning to go for a special event or a ladies’ night out, your hair needs to look perfect. Here are some of the tips you should look into before selecting the ideal hair dryer for thin hair.

You don’t need a lot of heat

When you go shopping, you would probably want to look for the most powerful hairdryer in the market. It would help if you understood that this is a wrong decision altogether as thin and beautiful hair does not require much heat.

Buying a blow dryer that has a motor that consists of 2000 W even a 1300 W machine can work for you.

You can benefit from the variable temperature range

When you are thinking about purchasing the right type of hair dryer, you can benefit from a dryer, which gives out a variable temperature range.

The good thing about the variable temperature range is that is can be adjusted according to the requirement of your styling. The classic buttons and switches are of high quality.

What material is the best for fine hair and its dryers?

The blow dryers which are made using ceramic technology will be the perfect choice for fine hair. Ceramic will allow even distribution on every strand of hair, and your hair will be prevented from damage.

Another material named Titanium is also a suitable material for thin hair type as its durable; however, it is an expensive choice as compared to ceramic.

Infrared and Ionic Technology

Nowadays, the hairstylists prefer two methods of drying thin hair that is infrared and ionic technology. The infrared process is very gentle to the hair and will prevent the hair fall as well.

It will dry out hair quickly, and each strand will look beautiful. It would work best for a beginner who doesn’t know much about the heating adjustments.

The ionic technology is a better choice for if you are having problems with some frizz, but if you are aiming for a better volume, then this won’t be the right choice.

How to dry fine hair correctly?

The hairstylists and professionals think that dealing with thin hair is the most challenging task as fine hair requires extra care and prevent it from damage.

If you want to give it a better volume, you need some effort. The best way is to do a blast drying, keeping in mind the nozzle of the dryer.

When you are blow-drying your hair, don’t use a brush; instead, use your hand on every strand of hair gently. Once your hair is half dried quickly apply some conditioning products and later concentrate on the styling process.

Fine hair is susceptible, so you should entirely focus on the process as a small mistake may turn out to be harmful to your hair.


The hairdryers we have mentioned above would be a perfect solution to all your hair problems, so you have a lot of options to choose from. Concentrate on the features and technology well before buying any of them.

Thin hair is delicate, so you have to be careful regarding the heating options as well. Make your hair look beautiful, and your friends will envy you when you flaunt your hair and walk away in style.

So what are you waiting for buy one now!