Best Hair Dryer for Thick Hair

Many people are envious of thick hair, but that doesn’t mean that people with thick hair are the happiest people in the world. They have their issues, and styling their hair can be a significant issue for them. The thick layers of hair can get tangled up, and it isn’t straightforward to straighten them up if they are dry.

What is the use of thick hair when you need to tame them every time you wash your hair? If you are one of those girls who have thick hair and have problems styling them after every wash, we have some good news for you. A good and useful hairdryer can help you a great deal to tame down your frizzy and dry thick hair.

We have researched thoroughly the best hairdryers available for thick hair in the market currently. We are going to list down the top 10 best hair dryer for thick hair, and we are sure that you would probably be able to find the best hair dryer for your thick hair among the ladies. 

Product Name


Dyson Supersonic
T3 Cura Luxe
Revlon Salon Infrared
Drybar Buttercup
Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer
BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer
Conair 1875W Mid-Size Hair Dryer
GHD Air Hair Dryer
Parlux Alyon Air Ionizer Tech
Instyler TURBO Ionic BLU Hair Dryer

Top 10 Best Hair Dryers for Thick Hair

1. Dyson Supersonic

When you open the Dyson supersonic box, you realize that it is no average product. It is not just for drying up your hair and can offer a lot of other befits for your hair. You would feel like you are in a salon and getting your hair done. The results and outcome after the use of this great hairdryer are terrific.

You will get your desired results, and you won’t regret purchasing the product. Supersonic has a big name in the market, and the products made by the brand are extraordinary and great use.


  • Dyson Supersonic comes with three attachments drying, sculpting, and styling
  • The airflow is smooth and fast
  • It also comes with diffusion for curl locks
  • Dyson has suitable heat control that won’t damage or burn your hair
  • The built-in system helps to transform the air temperature every 20 seconds
  • The hairdryer is not loud and doesn’t create a loud noise when you are using it
  • It dries your hair in a short time
  • The microprocessor regulates your hair perfectly
  • The worst part about the hairdryer is that it is very heavy 
  • It is quite expensive 
  • The airflow is too fast even at a low speed

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2. T3 Cura Luxe 

The hairdryer has a retro-style design, and it comes in vintage packaging. When it comes to performance, the hairdryer is purely justified to be on the second spot of the best hair dryers for thick hair list. The hairdryer delivers extraordinary performance and can make your dry and frizzy, thick layers of hair soft and gentle.

You can say goodbye to the bad hair days forever because T3 is here to save you. There are many positive reviews of the product on the internet, and the users can’t stop to rave about the hairdryer.


  • The hairdryer has a lot of cool shit features
  • It can volume up your hair and make them look subtle and soft
  • It locks curls and styles perfectly
  • It has heat and speed settings, and you can settle the one that is convenient for you
  • The product is a masterpiece and is made with new and revolutionary technology
  • The hairdryer has an ergonomic design 
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • The sensor for the hairdryer is plausible
  • The hairdryer is expensive, and you can find it hard to fit it into your budget
  • The speed options installed in the hairdryer are limited
  • The product is costly as compared to other hairdryers with similar features

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3. Revlon Salon Infrared

The best part about the Revlon Salon Infrared is that it can be bought under $ 50. The essential quality of this hairdryer is that it comes with exceptional features, and at such a low price, it is a perfect buy for people who are buying on a budget.

Most hair dryer which can be purchased at this price range fail to deliver excellent performance, but you can feel assured that Revlon Salon is nothing less than the expensive dryers available in the market. You should not miss the chance to purchase a less expensive hairdryer that delivers a might performance.


  • The hair is dryer at a fast speed
  • It locks in moisture in your hair that most hair dryers are unable to do
  • There are an amazing cool shot features that cool down your hair and prevent any burning 
  • It comes with two attachments, and it can be perfect to handle your frizzy, thick hair
  • The hair dryer comes with an infrared technology that helps to keep your hair soft
  • It comes at a low price range and can be bought at a low price
  • The ionic technology helps to tame down your hair and make your hair less frizzy
  • It is a little loud and can create screeching sounds
  • It comes with a short handle and it can get difficult to dry up your hair properly
  • The air pressure is a bit low

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4. Drybar Buttercup

The product comes in yellow color, and if you are a fan of the color, this could be an excellent pick for you. There are many other good things about the hairdryer other than the yellow color. The hairdryer is very fancy looking, and you wouldn’t be afraid to put it inside your dress to take along with you to a long day at work.

In case your hair gets messed up during the long hours you are going to spend at work you can always take the hairdryer out in the washroom and style your hair. The hairdryer looks elegant and is small in size, which makes it easy and convenient to carry around with you anywhere. 


  • The product comes with a revolutionary ionic technology that helps to freshen up the air of the hairdryer
  • It protects your hair and makes them look soft and gentle
  • It can help to straighten your thick hair and make them look less frizzy
  • The curls can be locked, and the variety of styling options is available
  • The product can give you an elegant finish
  • It comes with multiple attachments to fix your frizzy hair
  • If you are not a fan of yellow color, you won’t be able to find the hairdryer in any other color
  • It has a few control buttons which make it challenging to use

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5. Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer

The Harry Josh Pro looks very elegant and attractive, but everyone can’t afford it because it can be a costly buy. The product is undoubtedly worth spending a fortune, and you wouldn’t find any complaints after using the hairdryer.

It can be not a perfect buy for people who want to shop on a budget, but if you want a professional hairdryer that can give your hair a salon touch, then you should save up to buy this item.


  • It is the best travel hairdryer and can settle down your thick hair at a quick pace
  • It comes with various speed settings, and you can settle the settings according to your need
  • It can dry up your thick hair in less than 7 minutes
  • It has a powerful airflow
  • It has a compact size and is very lightweight
  • It comes with a technology which helps to tone down your frizzy hair
  • It is too expensive for a hairdryer, and everyone cannot afford to buy it
  • When you are using the product, it can get very hot 

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6. BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

The Babyliss Pro is a fantastic look hairdryer and is way better looking than a standard dryer. You will fall in love with on the first sight and would make up your mind to purchase.

The features it comes with are no less and the hairdryer comes with undeniably amazing attachments. You can manage your thick hair daily and enhance your appearance by making your thick hair look healthy and soft at the same time.


  • The hairdryer would give you results like a Salon
  • It has a good grip, and you can hold it well during your styling and drying session
  • It is a useful product and comes with a good motor
  • The feature of the cold shot lets you blow-dry your hair in a short while
  • The hairdryer helps you to save time and dries your hair quickly
  • It gives you soft looking and shiny hair
  • It is bulky and heavy to carry
  • It might create loud sounds when it is being used

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7. Conair 1875W Mid-Size Hair Dryer

The Conair 1875w mid-size Hair dryer is not very breathtaking when it comes to the design but very well knows how to blow dry your thick hair in style. The best thing is that it can fit in your budget very well and you will get the technology or ceramic and tourmaline from it. Let’s look at some of the fantastic features below:


  • The blow dryer comes packed with 1875 W motor
  • It has a blend of ceramic and tourmaline technology which makes hair drying easy
  • It will keep your hair frizz-free and give it a shine
  • The harmful ion particles bring out an even heat through every strand of the hair
  • The diffuser and concentrator both work accordingly to make your hair look best for any event or special gathering
  • There is a variety of heat range settings, and you will be blown away with many features it is offering
  • It will give out an excellent performance by providing no harm to your hair even when you blow-dry them every day
  • This blow dryer comes at a friendly rate
  • It comes with an ionic technology which is perfect for thick hair
  • This blow dryer has a very short cord
  • The settings of heat are in a lesser range

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8. GHD Air Hair Dryer

The GHD Air Hair Dryer is a beautiful piece available in the market. It is lovely to look at and comfortable to hold. The blow drying process is easy and can be handled in about 15 minutes. The heat is distributed evenly on every strand of hair.

It is very light in size and gives you a professional salon-like look to the hair. Some popular salons are using it for their clients and they have simply no complaints from this amazing dryer. Before you think about buying it, let’s discuss the features below.


  • The blow dryer GHD air comes packed with a strong motor that contains 2100 W motor. Such a powerful engine allows you to use it for a long time without any problem.
  • There are two speed and few setting options available for the convenient use
  • The universal diffuser has another advantage that it comes packed with a ring for the adaptor which can be changed according to the heat settings
  • The cord is 9 feet long, and you can hold it well that is the reason this blow dryer is being used in many popular salons
  • There are many nozzles which are available in multiple sizes, and this one feature can make the hair look smooth, shiny and silky as well
  • The best thing about this dryer is that it is speedy
  • The technology of heat is ionized which makes it a popular choice
  • The attachments of this blow dryer have to be purchased separately
  • It gets too hot at times

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9. Parlux Alyon Air Ionizer Tech

The Parlux Alyon Air Ionizer Tech does not need any introduction as it has become one of the best selling blow dryers in the recent time. One of the best things is that it is very environmentally friendly and is manufactured using a useful technology.

If you are health conscious and care about the environment, then this can be a perfect pick for you. After using it, you will feel that your hair has become shinier and brighter. You will be getting very silky hair, and even if you are not going to the salon, don’t be sad as it will give you a perfect look.


  • The dryer has a powerful and durable motor of 2100 W
  • The flow of air is very smooth and even
  • The nozzles are perfect for long term use
  • The distribution of the heat will move around from one strand to the other making the blow-drying easy
  • The thick hair needs extra care to be settled well but fears not when you have this fantastic product
  • Many people will love it as this blow dryer is environment-friendly
  • The two nozzles can be changed easily
  • Beautiful shape and design
  • It is a little heavy
  • It is expensive and may not fit your budget

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10. Instyler TURBO Ionic BLU Hair Dryer

The instyler Turbo ionic BLU hair dryer is a perfect dryer for everyday home use. If you are looking to style your hair casually, it can work well, and at the same time, it can be a good pick if you want to style your hair for a party or special event.

The design of this blow dryer is in itself so catchy, and it would feel like you have witnessed a pure beauty in the market. The features are unlimited and can fit well even if you are a beginner, and the professionals don’t need any extra effort to take care of the hair.


  • The Turbo Ionic hair dryer has been manufactured using both ceramic, and tourmaline and the harmful particles ensure that your hair can be protected against any damage
  • The air stream is very much controlled and the impact of heat is not very strong
  • The heat options maybe a little less but the sleek design will win your heart, and your friends will start complimenting you for high hair volume
  • You have to set the temperature yourself as there is no automatic system and if you feel hot or cold check the temperature at regular intervals
  • The motor is powerful, but as compared to others, it consists of only 1500 W that’s why it’s better for short term use only
  • The design will reflect geometry and is visually appealing
  • The eye-catching design has a turbo switch which is made of pure ions
  • It comes with only two settings for heat which is not liked by many
  • The end cap is faulty

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We have given you detailed information about some of the best products in the market which are available for you. It’s totally up to you what you are going to choose for yourself. Here are some of the most common questions asked by people. Here we have the answers for you.

How much wattage is suitable for a hairdryer?

The answer is a blow dryer with high wattage is proved to be a better choice for people. When heat is distributed to every part of your hair, you have to make sure that the settings can be changed according to your requirements.

There are some blow dryers in the market which have an average wattage of 1500 W while some others are offering a little higher at 2300 W too. A high wattage hairdryer is suitable for thick hair while a lower wattage will be suitable for thin hair.

Is there a way to make thick hair drying easy and fast?

Nobody will like to waste many hours on the blow drying process as our life is so busy we want to do everything fast. Suppose you are getting late for the wedding you want everything to happen quickly, so use some useful tips to make your work easy.

Put some conditioner during hair wash and comb your hair slowly while the blow-dry is going on. Your hair will dry quickly and will look very smooth. It’s better to wrap your hair in a towel when they are wet and later remove the cloth to start the blow-dry quickly.

What type of hair dryers is suitable for thick hair?

You will be happy to know that there are two types of technologies available in the market, and they happen to be perfect for thick hair and it’s blow-drying. The ceramic and ionic dryers are suitable for regular and long term use.

Some of the best hair dryers mentioned above can handle your work quickly, and you will enjoy the smooth experience. They will not overheat or damage the very delicate strands of hair.

Which is suitable for hair drying a comb or brush?

Let us help you with this query as well so you can make your hair feel and look good. A big comb will be more suitable for styling out the thick hair as it will help you protect hair loss as well so use it instead of a brush people. The brush will pull out many hair at one time and may cause hair fall.


We have given you some of the fantastic tips and given a wide variety of some of the most popular hair dryers for thick hair. Have you made up your mind yet or still confused? Read our review and buyer guide in detail, and we are sure you will conclude very fast. Protect your hair, keep them shiny and make your friends envy you. We all know beautiful hair as an asset for every person.