Best Massage Chair for Sciatica

Being a pharmacist and owner of this blog, I am trying to write reviews of those products which may create a positive impact on your health. In this blog post, I have reviewed the best massage chair for sciatica.

Some estimate says that 85% of people experience or will experience some kind of back pain. Such pain can often lead to Sciatica which is a severe kind of pain that occurs in the sciatic nerve.

Sciatica symptoms can include mild aches, burning sensations, weakness, numbness, tingling, or shooting pain in the buttock or thighs.

Treatment strategies include surgery, medications, physical therapy, and massage. If you have mild symptoms or your situation is not worsening then Massage Chair is the best option for you.

So how a good massage chair works?? Basically it relaxes your muscles by stimulating/enhancing the blood flow to the affected areas. This is most helpful if you are feeling any kind of muscle spasm or pain.

See, our body is all interconnected so releasing tension from your back will automatically reduce the stress on neck, chest, and legs etc.

As headache is mostly caused by excessive tension or stress so the massage chair does not only helps you in your back pain but also allows you to relax and let go of the stress.

So after a tiring day, all you need to do is to sit on your massage chair, relax and think about all the good time you had.

 Massage Therapy Benefits 

A good massage can play a vital role in alleviating back pain. But do you have enough time to go for a massage on a daily basis? Nah! I don’t think so. In this busy world, we really struggle to get some time for ourselves.

Isn’t it good to have something at home that can give you the experience of massage? Yes, a massage chair that eliminated the one-two-one interaction.

Detailed research has demonstrated that there are three main reasons why massage is beneficial:

Improved venous and lymphatic flow to the muscle

A good massage helps you in increased blood flow to the muscles. Increased blood flow will directly facilitate the circulation and improve the absorption of nutrients to the muscle and tissues.

Good blood flow is all required to the muscle to work properly. Increased lymphatic the flow will help to remove toxins from the area

Decreased tension and improves flexibility of muscle

Massaging will help out to release the tension of the muscle which is under stress and it will automatically increase the muscle flexibility and hence muscle works more efficiently.

Increases endorphin levels

Endorphins are the chemicals that are released by the body to overcome and reduce stress and pain. They are also known as “feel good” chemicals. A good massage session will help the body to release more concentration of endorphin and it will automatically reduce the pain and make you feel good.

5 best massage chair for sciatica

1- Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800

Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 Key Features: 

  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: Kahuna Massage Chair
  • Style: Brown
  • Item Dimensions: L x W x H 60 x 27 x 32 inches
  • Item Weight: 200 Pounds

Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 is the most popular massage chair that helps you to start your day freshly. Its air massage technology covers the whole body and Smart body scan technology scans your body to detect your body size for individual custom fit massage.

It has 6 different auto programs including special yoga stretching programs for full-body stretching, dual foot rollers on the feet area, Space-saving technology only requires 3 inches from the wall.

Without this technology, your arm will not get a decent massage. Zero Gravity seating is a fantastic feature, especially for those suffering from sciatica.

By reclining you such that your knees are elevated slightly above your heart, it gives you a feeling of weightlessness, which helps take the pressure off the discs in your spine, relieving pain during the massage.

Footer Area has dual foot rollers and detachable & washable footer area cotton for sanitary purpose. It gives a warranty of 3 years and they offer a warranty for all parts.

  • It includes chiro and yoga options
  • This chair has rollers on the feet and calf
  • it has the L shaped massage function that
  • covers your back and upper thighs
  • You can enjoy customizing massage due to the smart body scan technology
  • Zero gravity seating
  • The only con is related to installation, it took little longer.

2- Daiwa Massage Chair

Daiwa Massage Chair

 Key Features: 

  • Material: Synthetic leather
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Daiwa Massage Chair
  • Item Dimensions: L x W x H 66.9 x 47.2 x 32.3 inches
  • Item Weight: 306 Pounds

Daiwa massage chair is featured with an extra L-shaped massage track that runs through 49 inches from shoulder to hamstring whereas typical chairs have an S-shaped track that runs only 29 inches.

It includes special heat therapy in the lumbar region to ease the pain in joints and sore muscles. They include chairs with the most advanced features using the latest cutting-edge technology in space-friendly designs.

It has a body scanning system means it allows the best massage experience to every individual, also the massage accuracy and efficiency is ensured by 3D Scan.

Zero gravity experience gives you a weightless feeling and a more relaxed time. You can enjoy your favorite music during the massage and credit goes to its Bluetooth technology. Massage along with music helps to ease the stress in a more impactful way.

  • inversion and rocking position which is very relaxing
  • Extra-long L-shaped massage track
  • it has the L shaped massage function that covers your back and upper thighs
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Special heat therapy
  • The feature of heat control is missing

3- Luraco iRobotics 7

Luraco iRobotics 7

 Key Features: 

  • Material: Textile, Wood, Electronics, Leather, Plastic, Metal
  • Color: Chocolate Brown
  • Brand: Luraco
  • Furniture: Finish Chocolate
  • Style: No add-ons

Luraco iRobotics 7 is the most technically up-to-date massage chair among all. You’ll get a handheld smart touch screen controls which make to very easy to operate to all the people.

It includes the pause and resume button which makes it different from others. What if you got something important to do during your massage session? Just pause the massage, get your work done, come back, and resume from where you left.

Amazing na! It provides you with the best massage experience due to its noise reduction feature. You are tired and want to relax in silence; this chair provides you with exactly that.

It includes body stretching and advanced foot massage with double rollers and calf massage feature. Body heating with 3 different intensities allows you to adjust the heating intensity according to your comfort.

Powerful Bluetooth speakers allow you to enjoy your favorite music during the massage if you want to. This is a perfect product that offers different medical benefits to its users and a whole family can enjoy massage therapy due to its five personal user settings.

This is a versatile massage chair with six multiple intensity massage controls and yes it adds comfort to your restless body. This is the only massage chair that is designed and manufactured in the United States all others are exported.

  • Personalize options including intensity, heat, length of massage, music
  • Different intensity level for different regions
  • Noise reduction feature
  • 3 different heating intensities
  • Touch screen controls
  • A little bit expensive, this is the only con with this chair

4- Apex AP-Pro Ultra

Apex AP-Pro Ultra

 Key Features: 

  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Titan Chair
  • Furniture: Finish Black
  • Style: Transitional

Apex AP-Pro Ultra provides you with the massage experience with its zero-gravity feature. Sit on the chair and forget about the entire burden you are carrying and just relax.

Feels good na! This chair includes an L-shaped massage track so it runs through the neck to the hamstring. Tissues of your disc or spine get massage individually and you feel that all your pain has gone.

It got Dual foot rollers with deep reflexology massage targeting the acupuncture points on the bottoms of your feet which gives one of the best massage experiences.

Its level of convenience are worth mentioning which includes back massage rollers to thigh massage, dual foot rollers to stretch feature it gives you an amazing experience of massage.

  • There is a fifth "stretch" program that has its own button and you can adjust the intensity, speed, or target a spot or region with relatively easy to use buttons on the remote
  • L-Shaped massage track
  • Zero gravity
  • Reasonable price
  • Next-generation air massage therapy is a the feature that differentiates this product from other ones
  • Customization options are missing

5- Titan Pro Alpine L-Track Recliner

Titan Pro Alpine L-Track Recliner

 Key Features: 

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Titan
  • Item Weight: 230 Pounds



Titan Pro Alpine L-Track Recliner Massage Chair is a fully automatic chair by Titan series and manufacturers have tried their best to evolve the massage technology by introducing this amazing product in the market.

It gives you 6 pre-set programs of massage and you can choose according to your requirement and choice. This a luxurious chair that has an L-shaped massage track that facilitates its users from neck to lower body massage like the massage of buttocks, thighs.

The zero-gravity feature makes you feel no pressure at all. Auto recline and leg extension feature give you the best shape to relax. It includes Shoulder, Lumbar & Hip Squeeze & Twist along with Foot Roller Massagers and Heating Function on Back.

Auto Leg Scan, Arm and Hand Massage, Foot and Calf Massage are also prominent features. It is easy to use with the remote. It allows full-body computer scan and provides you with the best massage according to your body weight and it is something worth praising.

  • L-shaped Massage track Expensive as compared to others
  • Complete computer scan of the body
  • Space efficient
    Zero gravity feature
  • Auto recline and leg extension feature Not suitable for all body types


 Precautions for Sciatica: 

There are certain precautions you should take if you have mild sciatic pain to avoid further damage. Maintain good posture: you need to maintain a good posture while sitting, standing, lifting any heavy objects and sleeping.

A good posture is all that is required to avoid any mishap to your muscles and back. If you feel any kind of pain it can be a sign that you are not aligned well so you need to adjust your posture.

Don’t smoke: We all know that while smoking, we take nicotine and nicotine reduces the blood supply to bones, muscles and tissues. For a muscle or bone blood supply is the main thing to stay healthy and reduced blood supply causes all the problems.

Maintain ideal weight: If you are overweight and follow a poor diet plan, you are at higher risk of inflammation and pain in your body. You need to follow a healthier diet plan and focus on achieving ideal body weight, the closer you are to the ideal weight the lesser is the strain you put on muscles and lessen the risk of any pain.

Exercise regularly: Exercise regularly, it will help you to maintain healthy body weight and makes your muscle strong. Stronger the muscle, lower the risk of any injury to the muscle. Exercise also keeps your muscle and joints flexible and makes the core of your body strong.

Choose physical activities least likely to hurt your back: While exercise chooses the activity or exercise that is least likely to hurt your back. If you are doing weight exercise, keep a keen look at the weight you are carrying. Don’t try to over-do the exercise. Swimming, walking and yoga are
good options.

Avoid falling: It sounds funny, but yeah you need to avoid falling. Falling can cause direct damage to the muscle and bones. Wear shoes and keep your stairs, washrooms clean. So if you want to avoid such injury, DO NOT FALL!