Top 10 Best shoes for diabetic nerve pain 2020 (Reviews and Buyer’s Guide)

Best shoes for diabetic nerve painChoosing the best shoes for diabetic nerve pain is a big deal. Your doctor recommends you to walk and your feet say a big no to you.  A wrong choice of shoes can make the situation even worse.

Falling is an additional issue for elderly diabetics. Any injury can be so terrible in its consequences, which can lead to amputation in the worst cases. Ventral sides of feet, ankles, and heels are pain hubs for a patient.

There are a number of specifications that are required and are hard to find in one pair. Comfort, breathability, durability, softness, sole quality, indoor/outdoor wearing, adjustability, and much more. And as a patient one cannot compromise on any of the mentioned quality.

Perfect shoes make you feel if you are not the one who is walking but your shoes are carrying you around. This general need for being easy and comfortable with shoe increases when someone is diabetic.

When it comes to choosing the perfect shoes for you, oh it’s a confusion zone. A number of brands are there who claim perfection. But these are not the claims that you can depend on. You need to make your opinion by checking on specifications and somehow on other’s experience.

Do You Really Need Therapeutic Shoes?

Patients with controlled sugar levels don’t really need therapeutic shoes. All they need is comfort and ease. Choosing the right shoe pair is enough for them.

But it is not as easy as it sounds. Commercial shoes don’t really care about health issues. All that they focus on is style, fashion, and beauty. So, choosing comfortable shoes that care about all your health issues isn’t a piece of cake especially when you have a diabetic foot ulcer, diabetic swollen feet, or diabetic neuropathy.

What to Know About a Good-Fitting Shoe?

Diabetics must understand their changing conditions. Your body is changing gradually with age and this change is more significant when you are a patient of diabetes.

You might have some smaller foot size earlier but with age and with diabetes your size can rise significantly. Even the normal foot curve can get flat due to swelling and aging.

So, at first, you are supposed to be sure about your changes in foot size. And patients with higher sugar levels and those who have abrupt changes in their sugar levels are recommended to use therapeutic shoes.

Shoe prescription For Diabetics:

According to symptoms that vary from person to person, a particular shoe type can be prescribed by a doctor. Toe deformation requires apical width, allergies and other skin sensitivities require exclusive coverage and ankle swelling requires basal width.

Elderly people require depth to ensure a strong grip. Depth is also required to avoid and care ulcer related issues, as pressure level can affect ulcers, and depth can prevent pressure.  So, symptoms and prescriptions can vary accordingly.

Diabetes increases susceptibility:

Basically, diabetes increases the susceptibility of patients to other diseases including foot issues. A diabetic has more chances to have bunions, corns, fungal infections, and gangrene. Swelling is a compulsion in most of the cases.

Best shoes for diabetic nerve pain

People with diabetes are more likely to have hammertoe (toe deformity) and nerve damage. So, choosing a proper-fitting shoe for a diabetic is important even at the time he/she isn’t facing any foot-related issues. what is better than prevention?

So here we are. Presenting you the review on 10 best shoes available for diabetics.

1. Orthoshoes Women

Swollen feet come in the package with most of the female health issues, especially with diabetes. These shoes can be your choice if you want to comfort your swollen feet. Forget about sweat moisture when your feet are in this pair.

Additionally, these shoes have a reasonably strong grip, unlike most of the other foaming, soothing or soft shoes. Don’t panic if your shoes are getting dirtier, these are washable. The width can be adjusted to significant degrees by hook and loop.

These are comfortable and beautiful at the same time, which makes them suitable for all age groups. Be easy and be confident at the same time. For females, looking good is as important as health. Isn’t it?

  • Adjustable hook
  • Hand and Machine Washable
  • Breathable Knitting
  • Soft lining
  • Shock Absorbing
  • None

2. Dr. Comfort

Do you need to walk long on doctor’s recommendations for health issues (diabetes, overweight) and having difficulty due to certain issues of the foot? Here is the right product for you.

This is available in different widths which is an uncommon facility. It deals with various foot conditions like Arthritis, Bunions, Diabetes, Edema, Flat feet, Hammertoes, Neuropathy, Pronation, and many others.

The grip is soft and strong. The patients who wear braces on their feet, it’s a blessing because of its wide opening and adjustability. it’s a treat for the old age women. Great idea to gift a pair of this to your mother or granny.

  • Soft
  • Adjustable width
  • Strong grip
  • Accommodate braces of foot
  • Flexible
  • No breathing pores (sweat moisture)


There are a number of issues regarding foot size. Some have a natural difference in size between the right and left foot, some have one swollen foot and the other normal which makes it difficult to adjust the shoes. Changing levels of diabetes also change the symptoms and levels of swelling.

Some patients complain that they have a different foot size every morning due to a change in symptoms. Sometimes it’s the toe that is creating problems. If you are suffering any of the mentioned issues, give this product a big yes.

It’s a blessing for women with Hammertoe deformity as it is open on apex. It looks like a sandal but it grips like a regular shoe. It is also a perfect choice for elderly women who are not easy with put on and take off. It can also be your first choice if you are irritated with sweat moisture on foot.

  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Moisture free
  • Manage almost all kind of size issue
  • Perfectly designed for hammertoe deformity
  • Little hard insole


This is a blend of beauty and comfort. If you are suffering any foot-related issue it’s a perfect choice in means of adjustability, comfort, and ease of wearing.

Still, a perfect choice if you are not suffering any issue. It is adjustable in many dimensions (what ease, isn’t it?) and it is easy to wear as it has straps at the top and back heel.

Sensitive or swollen ankles or heels can be comforted by wearing this. It is soft and flexible and gives a soothing effect on pressure points on foot. Well, apart from all of its positive aspects, one can purely choose it for its beauty!

  • Adjustable in many dimensions
  • Comforts swollen ankles and heels
  • Soft material
  • An easy go for elderly women
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Non-slip sole
  • Indoor house and outdoor wear
  • Hand washable
  • None


Ladies, if you are looking for a comfortable shoe pair to ease yourself, then you may like this product.  These have been designed to make an easy walk for diabetic women with heavyweight or even extremely heavyweight.

It protects against the heel pain, ball of the foot pain, or any other discomfort on pressure points of feet. These are qualified as women’s therapeutic shoes by Medicare. It provides enough space for free toe movement. It’s a perfect choice for those diabetics who are suffering toe deformity.

  • Comforts pressure points
  • Free toe movement
  • Soft/protective interior
  • Adjustable
  • None

6. LongBay

It makes an easy go for swollen or even extremely swollen foot. The non-slippery sole and perfectly designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Hook-and-loop strap gives a perfect fit.

Its soft and warm interior gives a soothing effect to tired foot or common foot pains. It covers the almost the whole dorsal side of the foot and protects it from cold.  Be careful with choosing a size.

If you are somewhere between the available sizes, choose the next size up. the product is washable so no pain to care. This product cares for you, you don’t need to worry to care about it. It is strong and durable.

  • Soft and protective
  • Adjustable
  • Warm
  • Washable
  • None

7. Hotme

For someone who is suffering terrible foot pains, this is for you. It really is. Comfort is its only purpose. Soft, warm, adjustable, and wonderful.

Yes, these are warm but still dry and moisture-free which is an inbuilt drawback of most of the shoes providing warmth. It has no slippery rubber sole.

In extreme conditions, when even you can’t wear your shoes without pain, this is a comfort zone for you. Give it a try and you will not regret it.

  • Soft and warm
  • Non-slippery
  • Moisture free
  • None

8. LongBay Men’s Cozy

If you are looking for soft, warm, and cozy shoes, here it is.  The adjustable elastic design makes it easy to wear. The inner peripheral lines are soft like cushions.

The non-slip rubber sole makes it more protective. Perfectly designed for wide feet. There is enough space for the toe movement for the people suffering toe irritability. These are hand and machine washable, easy to care.

  • Soft and warm
  • Washable
  • Perfect for wide feet
  • Elastic design
  • A little more stretch


These shoes are adjustable in many dimensions, making it a perfect choice for the people who are suffering the changeability of symptoms and variable swelling levels.

It covers most of the area and gives maximum protection. Still a strong grip with various adjustable points, an uncommon characteristic. These are non-slippery and can be used indoor and outdoor with equal ease.

These are highly adaptable in the fitting. These can be adjusted according to the amount of swelling on that specific day. What a blessing!

  • Adjustable in any dimension
  • Highly adaptable
  • Warm
  • Easy to put on and off
  • A better insole is needed
  • Sometimes it smells bad


Looking to get a pair of shoes for your Father to make his aging easy? The product is here to care. Extremely protective, soft, adjustable, and adaptable.

It almost deals with all the problems which come with aging. As we grow old, the arch of the foot collapses and the size becomes larger.

Thumb valgus, widened feet, muscle degeneration, insufficient leg strength, this all comes with aging. Fall of the elderly is a common issue causing physical injuries.

Making a perfect choice for shoes is highly important, it is about the safety of your loved ones. And yes, it’s a perfect choice. Strong grip with the tender touch.

  • Tender and warm
  • Strong grip
  • Easy to wear
  • Adjustable and adaptable
  • None

BENCHMARKS to buy shoes:

People with diabetes have poor circulation of oxygen in feet and consequently have more chances of nerve damage in their feet. Poor blood flow to the feet makes it more difficult for wounds to heal.

Even minor injuries and abnormalities can become serious problems and lead to infection. Moreover, loss of sensation by nerve damage is also a hard task to handle.

One can’t feel the earlier or minor disturbances in the feet and these minor issues can convert into horrible problems. In short, a diabetic is more susceptible to other foot-related issues.

These all possible and mentioned situations can be avoided by wearing appropriate shoes. For this, one must have knowledge of the parameters for the right shoes for diabetics. Here are some benchmark properties which you must check before you buy your shoes.


The ugly part of diabetes is swollen feet. And what makes it uglier is its changing level. Normal and swollen foot sizes are not the same in width and swelling at different levels also changes the size.

So, this must be a benchmark to check adjustability. Adjustability has also a variety of dimensions. All in one pair or anyone required dimension can be chosen according to ease and symptoms.

One must understand her/his needs first. Which part of the foot has more adjustability issues? Is it width, toe, ankle, or heel? There are various varieties available accordingly.


Comfort can’t be compromised while buying shoes even if you are the one with no health issue. But it’s a matter of extreme importance when you are a diabetic. Normally a little tight shoe is fit to go as it stretches over time.

But a person with diabetes can’t afford this gradual stretch. For a patient, it must be comfortable on its first try. Shoes must not be larger than size as it will make the grip lose.  There must be compartments for free toe movement. The material and peripheral linings must be soft.

Easy put on and take off:

It is also a part of comfort. Sometimes shoes with exclusive coverage are hard to put on if they are without stretchable elastic. Velcro is helpful in both ways, adjustability and easy wearing.


Sweat moisture in feet is irritating and may cause skin allergies. Moisture is also a treated material for the growth of microbes. Keeping one’s feet dry is a primary concern.

Keeping the feet cool or warm depends on the environment but dryness is compulsory.  Breathability depends upon many factors. Some models have special breathable pores. Other use such material which is moisture-free.

Textile with some stretch is also good to go.  The shoes listed in this article have been prioritized on the basis of breathability along with other primary and important factors.


One must give a check to the insole before buying the shoes. There are various issues related to foot problems and everyone should focus on his/her own compatibility.

Pressure points, heels, ankles, and toe deformity are some of the various issues. So, the insole must be compatible with your type of foot. It must be comfortable and shoes must have some reasonable depth.


The outsole material must be strong enough to protect your feet from any strike. The material must be easy to clean if not washable. The outsole is somehow responsible for adjustability too.

Must have a look on how its opening and closing mechanism works. Stretchable material and Velcro add ease in wearing. Abrupt changes in symptoms can be adjusted by outsole if you have chosen the appropriate outsole.


It is extremely important for elderly diabetics. There is a great number of reported accidents due to slip and fall. Sole must have outside ventral friction to avoid slip. The other contributing factor to avoid slip is a strong grip.

Must check all the contributing factors and choose the best non-slippery shoes. Any fall or injury due to falls, especially when you are a patient of diabetes as the recovery process is too slow in diabetics, can lead you to some horrible results. Nothing is better than prevention.


Size fitting is something technical. A diabetic cannot wait for shoes to stretch after 2-3 years. Shoes must have enough space to avoid crowded toes. Crowded toes may cause poor blood circulation.

A diabetic can’t afford any added poor blood circulation as they already facing the issue. Constrictive designs are not good for blood circulation.  Appropriate width is a must characteristic. It eases in many ways, free toe movement, increased blood circulation and it also helps to avoid moisture.


Patients with flat feet must avoid shoes with high arches. It can cause imbalance and pain in pressure points. Feet must be at a level of maximum comfort.


As comfort is the first priority for a patient, so the interior must be seamless. Otherwise, it will cause inner friction which can be harmful to the foot. Raised seams are not recommended for sensitive feet.


whenever there is a discussion about shoes for people with diabetes, there is a point of depth. Diabetics need more depth in shoes than normal people. The more is the depth the strong is the grip and less is the pressure. The depth of the shoe ensures stability.


Little shocks and little injuries are not normal for diabetics. Technically day to day little strikes can be normal for all but not for the people with diabetes.

So, shoe style and material must be modified to absorb shocks, so strikes can be prevented to affect the foot. The inner cushion is also helpful to prevent shocks.


Along with all the comfort, strength, and grip, shoes are supposed to be light in weight. Otherwise, all other comfort means nothing.

You check on all the points and care about everything about pressure and softness but the heavyweight will ruin it all. There is no point in other good aspects if at the end that all positivity comes in heavy packing. It is an unaffordable price.

There Must Be No Manufacturing smell:

It’s an issue which most people don’t enlist in their priorities until and unless they face this issue. Customers complain about the smell in feedbacks on many products.

Sometimes it is too strong to handle even if you are not allergic to smells. It can irritate you and also the people around you. So must have a check on this too.

Easy to Care:

Shoes must be easy to clean. The products are supposed to add ease in your life not an extra load of work.v

When it is the right time to replace your old shoes:

  • When heel starts to collapse
  • The inner lining starts to damage
  • The bottom of the heel is damaged