How to use a nebulizer without medication

A nebulizer is a machine that turns the liquid into a smog. And this smog type of medicine inter your lungs when you breathe. In fact a nebulizer work as a gasping machine.

Those patients who have some respiratory disorder or asthma they become psychologically dependent on the nebulizer. Such kind of people even can not travel without their nebulizer.  The handheld nebulizer is a smaller nebulizer which can be used anywhere or anytime.

You should use the nebulizer to your doctor,s prescription.

Who can use Nebulizers:

The people infected with asthma or other respiratory difficulties use the nebulizer. It turns the liquid medicine into a very fine way through a face mask or mouthpiece that a person inhales.

The medicine use this way gives relaxation to the lungs or stable the respiratory system. Sometimes the doctor suggests the use of nebulizer for the children who has a disorder respiratory system.

Nebulizers: How can use them:

A person who takes the medicine with the nebulizer firstly a doctor or nurse will explain how to use the nebulizer. Each nebulizer works in a little bit different way so follow the instructions very carefully of your doctor.

Before using the nebulizer you should follow the below steps.

  1. wash your hands.
  2. According to your doctor’s advice add the inhaler with the medicine cup.
  3. Join the tubing’ s mouth with the nebulizer and then turn on the nebulizer.
  4. Before using the nebulizer, takes the breath slowly and then inhale the medicine.

How the nebulizer and inhaler have different functions:

Although nebulizer or inhaler have performed some work with some similarities. They provide the medicine into the lungs directly for those people who did not take a breath easily. 

The use of nebulizer can take time. While during the use of a nebulizer you must be sitting at a place still you inhaled the the use of nebulizer may be hard for the children.

While on the other hand, the use of inhalers is very easy. You can use an inhaler while you are traveling.

How you can keep your nebulizer clean:

To keep your nebulizer clean you can follow these below steps

  1. wash your hand before touching the nebulizer. 
  2. To separate the parts like the tube, mouthpiece, medicine chamber and mask and then wash them with warm water.
  3. Dry these pieces with a clean tissue or cloth

If a person has no take care of nebulizer. A contaminate nebulizer can cause an infection. These types of infections can be dangerous for people who have lungs disorder. It can be harmful to his/her.

How can to use water in my nebulizer :

Both children and adults have used a nebulizer to prevent breathing difficulties. The nebulizer is very helpful for cough.when a patient inhales medicine through the nebulizer. It works as a penetrate operator and gives calm to the lungs against the cough. 

If u just use the plain water inhale it through the nebulizer. this smog increase the effectiveness of the solution

Fill the nebulizer with water but not overfill. To make sure that smog is coming out from the mouthpiece turn on the nebulizer. Breathe in deeply and exhale air through the nose. Then inhale the smog from the nebulizer. Continue to breathing until you feel better.

If you want to use water in nebulizer you must talk to your doctor about this user. According to nebulizer users to use water is a good sign for asthma patients or even allergies in adults or children.

Minor side effects:

The use of nebulizer has some minor side effects like a headache or disorder heartbeat.

But on the other hand, the nebulizer decreases the risk of long term problems such as bone loss, weight gain, and high blood pressure.