Top 10 Best Nebulizers For Home Use 2021 – (Reviews and Buyer’s Guide)

Asthma, allergic rhinitis and other respiratory tract infections which lead to difficulty in breathing are common in people of every age. Such patients need a fast and effective way of remedy. If you are caught by a respiratory infection or your kids have asthmatic problems then you must have an effective nebulizer at your home. The nebulizer is an effective way of treatment that transforms medicine in the form of liquid or mist. Home Nebulizer therapy is prescribed by the doctors so that patients can find medicine easily.

Asthmatic patients feel difficulty in breathing. They cannot swallow a solid dosage form. Moreover, other dosage forms may delay the therapeutic effects. In this situation, nebulizer gives them fast and effective medications. Medicine, in the form of small droplets, is directly available at the site of action. Home nebulizer must be easy in use so every patient can operate it.

Some nebulizers are portable and lighter in weight and they run on batteries. A buyer must have an idea about the specifications of the best nebulizer and I have tried to describe the best nebulizers for home use which are easily available in the market. If you go to the market to buy a nebulizer you can find different varieties. Nebulizers for kids are also available so your kids can use it with no difficulty.

Best Nebulizers For Home Use

This review can help you to find nebulizer for kids, adults, and travellers. Let us
have a look at the best home nebulizers.

Product Name


FIGERM Upgraded Cool Mist System for Home Use
Tediver Steam Compressor including Parts for Home Use
MedNeb Compact Piston Compressor with Two Kits + Travel Bag
Pediatric Compressor System - Peter the Puppy Cool Mist Compressor System 
Portable Mini Vaporizers Machine Cool Mist
Hangsun Compact Compressor Machine with Full Mask Kit, Replacement Filters
2019 Upgraded Compact Compressor Cool Mist Inhaler Humidifier
Portable Personal Compact Compressor for Home Use
InchesCare Portable Atomizing Starter for Travel and Home Use
Antauge Portable Mesh Vaporizer, Handheld Mini Cool Mist Sprayer for Adults & Kids

1. FIGERM Upgraded Cool Mist System

This product is a one-man army as it is equally used for kids, adults, and travellers. The nebulizer converts the medicine in the form of mist for quick relief. It has a two-year warranty.

It is easy in use and one-button operation so ideal for kids because they can operate it with no difficulty. It is compact and lighter in weight so can be easily carried by travellers. These attributes make it unique and demanding.


Power Supply 120V/60Hz,

Current 1.3A

Fits for people of all ages

It behaves like a one-man army. It can be used by your whole family.

It is latex-free and safe

Sophisticated nebulizer

It is easy to carry, handle design, compact and lightweight. You can travel with it.


The low noise of the nebulizer makes it user-friendly. You can use it at any time without any worry as it is not gonna disturb anyone while you are using it.

2 years warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee.

  • Easy to use
  • Compact
  • Low noise
  • None


2. Tediver Steam Compressor

A buyer always wants to buy a product which is economical, with high quality. This nebulizer is just like “all in one”. It is FDA certified nebulizer. It converts medicine into aerosol droplets which can be easily inhaled.

It is easy and convenient. This nebulizer is a one-button operation and equipped with three interchangeable caps and can be used by all family members. So a person should buy it with no worry.


Model LEC

Item weight 3.52 pounds

Production Dimensions 8.7 x 6.7 x 10.2 inches

No battery is required.

  • Economical
  • Compact
  • Looks attractive
  • Low noise nebulizer
  • Innovative
  • Sensitive parts of a machine


3. MedNeb Compact Piston Compressor

It has an advantage as it has a removable kit. You can easily remove its kit and clean it. You can say it fulfils the hygienic requirement of a nebulizer.

This nebulizer can be recommended because it carries a bag that makes it secured and portable. It works perfectly fine. The nebulizer has good quality, low in price and noise.


Weight is 3.69 pounds

Dimensions are as follows

8.9 x 7.3 x 5.9 inches

Material is plastic which makes it durable.

No batteries are required.

  • Economic
  • Low in noise
  • Good quality
  • None


4. Pediatric Compressor System

This nebulizer is a proper compressor system. The unique thing about it is the look of the nebulizer.

It has the shape of puppy so that kids can get attract by it. It is easy to use and works great. It has three years warranty. Kids love it and get nebulized with great ease.


Electrical Requirements
It needs 120VAC/60Hz

It gives you three years warranty which is an opportunity for you to rely on the

Length 8 4/5", width 5 2/5", height 9"

Weight 3.9 pound

  • Attractive to kids
  • Good quality
  • None


5. Portable Mini Vaporizers Machine

It is lighter in weight, portable, one-button operation and can be used anywhere any time by anyone. It has a detachable liquid cup that is easy to remove and easy to wash.

Professional Vaporizer machine uses German imported chips to break the liquid molecules into particles that give better absorption. Giving you quicker results and relief


1. Self-Cleaning Vaporizer

It has a self-cleaning mode. Just you have to press and hold the power button for 5 seconds to start the self-cleaning mode. So, it prevents liquid residue from clogging the mini vaporizer mesh plate. It gives the nebulizer a hygienic property.

Fell free while buying this nebulizer.

2. Indicators

it has some indicators. Blue is always on for normal operation, red is flashing to indicate insufficient power, and orange is flashing to indicate insufficient liquid. Indicators work as a reminder and make the process is very clear.

3. Great efficacy

The particles are less than 5 um in size which converts the medicine in mist. As a result, it reaches very fast at the site of action

4. User-Friendly

The nebulizer is user-friendly because it is pocket-sized. You can carry it in your
pocket or bag, anywhere with you.

  • Economical
  • Pocket-sized
  • Easy to use
  • None


6. Hangsun Compact Compressor Machine

The nebulizer can be used by both kids and adults. It gives ease in breathing to the patients by converting medicine into a mist. It is provided with a full mask kit.



1 Main Unit, 1 Adult Mask, 1 Child Mask, 1 Mouthpiece, 1 Tubing, 1Cup, 5
Replacement Sponges 


Item Weight is 3.55 pounds


13.5 x 7.6 x 3.9 inches

Battery required?


  • Affordable
  • Good quality
  • No carry bag


7. Compact Compressor Cool Mist Inhaler

It is an innovative nebulizer. Lighter in weight and easy to handle. This nebulizer is FDA and ETL certified. It can also be used by every person at home. The warranty is 60 days money back, 2 years manufacturer’s warranty.

You need not worry while buying this nebulizer as it is a durable and one-man army. The machine is environment-friendly; no other person will be disturbed with its noise if you use it at night. The quality of the product is high. It is quick in giving results.



The size of nebulizer is 6.1"×6"×3”. Small space occupation.


Portable and lighter in weight

3.06 pounds. Lighter in weight.

Liquid Capacity


Sound Level

less than 65 dBA


It includes 1 Child mask, 1 Adult Mask, 1 Air Tube, 1 Mouth Piece, Compressor, 1 Cup, Filters (5pcs).

  • Low in noise
  • Portable
  • High quality
  • None


8. Portable Personal Compact Compressor

The nebulizer has a Fast drug output for faster treatment times. It converts the medicine in small-sized droplets so that easily available at the site of action.

It has proven that SideStream technology is effective. This nebulizer is of great choice for the relief in asthmatic patients.


Super quiet Machine

Its sound level is less than 49 dB that is why it is called a super quiet machine. it won’t cause any noise problem and people around you won’t be disturbed.

Portable and lightweight

It is a Sophisticated nebulizer. Its weight is 1.1 pounds. It is lighter in weight and occupies little space so that you can carry it with you wherever you like.

All in one

Our product is user-friendly as it can be used by a family. It is equipped with two sizes of masks, suitable for both adults and kids.

Quality Compliance

The nebulizer is a high-quality product that is why I recommend it to you. It complies with the specifications of the quality product so you must be satisfied after using it.


The product offers 60 days money back, 2 years of quality warranty.

  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • Used by adults and kids
  • Economical
  • None


9. InchesCare Portable Atomizing Starter

The nebulizer is designed to provide medicine in the form of an aerosol. It has a shorter treatment time.

It is compact and can be carried anywhere as it is provided with a bag.


The nebulizer has the specifications as it is new, high-performance atomization. It transforms the liquid into mists quickly.


4 inches high

3 ounces around


It can be used whenever and wherever you need them because you can carry it with you.

power supply

it is powered by 2 AA batteries (not included) or connects with the USB cable directly.

Easy to clean

It has the advantage of being simple to use and clean. It is suitable for adults and kids.

  • High volume nebulizer
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Portable
  • None


10. Antauge Portable Mesh Vaporizer

The device is used by patients suffering from asthma or other allergic respiratory tract infection.

It converts medicine into a fine mist so that easily passes to the lungs. The nebulizer is portable and simple in use. I must say this is the best nebulizer machine for travellers.


Latest Technology for mist formation

Antauge vaporizer has the latest mesh atomization technology which creates fine mist for the rapid absorption of the medicine.

Portable and lightweight.

It is so smaller in size that You can simply put it in your pocket, handbag. Just take it on the go as it is light in weight.


It is noise-free while working. The noise level is less than 25dB.

Battery/USB Powered

The vaporizer can be powered by the 2 AA batteries. It can also be powered by an exterior power source with the USB cable. The power source can be a socket or power bank. (Note: Please don’t use the battery and USB cable at the same time. The device is not rechargeable.)
All in one

All the necessary accessories included in one package as it has

1 mask for adult,

1 mask for a kid,

1 mouthpiece

  • Easy to use
  • Useful for every age
  • Easy to carry
  • Effective medication
  • None

Buyer’s Guide

If you want to buy a nebulizer then the following are the parameters that you must keep in your mind while going to the market or order online for a nebulizer. But before it, you must know what is nebulizer? How does a nebulizer work? The working and cleaning process of a nebulizer It should also be known if you want to use it at your home.

What is a nebulizer?

The nebulizer is a device that converts the medicine into mist or aerosol so that the patient should inhale it with ease and comfort. Also, it reaches directly and fast at the site of action.

Parts of Nebulizer

This device consists of following basic parts

Switch: it is used to switch on or off the device.

Compressor: it compressed the medicine and converts it into a mist.

Mouthpiece: or a face mask that is placed on a patient’s face so that he can inhale the medicine.

Tubing: it connects the whole assembly. Air is transmitted via a tube.

Nebulizer Cup: it is just like a reservoir, carrying medicine.

How to use a nebulizer

First of all, connect the device to an electrical supply. After that connect the tubing to the device on one end and to face mask on the other end. Fill the nebulizer cup with the prescribed dose of medication e.g salbutamol. Then close the nebulizer cup and connect it to the mask or mouthpiece.

Apply the face mask covering the mouth and nose. Turn on the switch to begin nebulization. Take slow, deep breaths to inhale the medicine effectively. The manual of the device can also help to use it. Allow enough time for nebulization. Ideally, 5-15 minutes is the recommended time.

After the medicine in the nebulizer cup is over, switch off and disconnect the device. Continue to take deep breaths even after switching off the device. A slight cough may be present. This helps to expectorate excess
medicine and secretions.

Cleaning of the Nebulizer

Washing of hands and nebulizer thoroughly before and after nebulization is necessary. This helps to prevent any contamination. Strictly, do not share the nebulization mask and tubing with any other patient or even with another member of the family.

Change the mask and mouthpiece regularly. Soak the tube in hot water and rinse it with soap or any other disinfectant. Use the nebulizer and its medicine after the recommendation of doctor, pharmacist or qualified person.

Other features of the best home nebulizer are as follow;

A nebulizer must be portable

If you have asthmatic problems, COPD, allergic rhinitis or any other respiratory tract infection then you must need a proper way to take medicine. The nebulizer is a device which delivers the medicine in the form of mist or very fine aerosol droplets.

Nebulizer makes medicine effective to reach the lungs and other parts of the respiratory tract for fast relief and ease in breathing. You need to have a nebulizer at your home which must be portable so you can carry with you anywhere. Portable nebulizers are lighter in weight and must carry a secured packaging for safe transport.

So, if you go for buying a nebulizer then it must be lighter in weight and easy to carry. If you are patient with asthma then you have to nebulize yourself at regular intervals. When you travel, you need your nebulizer with you. A portable nebulizer carries a rechargeable battery so that it can be used on the go.

It also has good capacity and rate of administration for effective and prolonged efficacy without heavy tanks. You can find pocket shaped nebulizers that are innovative, lighter in weight and secured to be taken away. In the market, we find the nebulizers which are portable but expensive and need to be plugged into a charger.

Nebulizer should be less noisy:

When we plug in the nebulizer, it starts creating noise which may be irritating for other persons at the home. Especially when you need to operate at night, it may disturb your kids. So, the best nebulizer must be low in noise, quiet and peaceful.

One for all:

A good nebulizer is which has all qualities in one. You have kids at your home that may have allergic respiratory tract infections. Similarly adult and elderly people also need to be nebulized.

Therefore, you should buy a nebulizer which can be used by every person of every age. Most of the nebulizers contain more than one mask and mouthpiece so that they fit for kids and adults.

Rechargeable battery

A nebulizer must have a rechargeable battery. When you have to carry it with you, a rechargeable battery is beneficial. Similarly, it must have long-lasting battery time otherwise it will stop working during its therapy to the patient which is a negative impact.


The nebulizers best for kids are available in innovative shapes. They have toy-like look i.e shape of a puppy, teddy bear, elephant. Such nebulizers attract the kids and they feel comfortable while therapy is going on.

Moreover, portable nebulizers carry a bag so that they can be transported safely. Some nebulizers are available with child mask, adult mask, mouthpiece, filters, compressors, and air tube.

If a nebulizer has all these descriptions then make sure these accessories should be provided with it. A smart buyer must have a habit to check all the specifications before purchasing an item.


When you are in a market and want to buy something health-related, you must see the economic value of the product. But if a nebulizer high in quality and fulfils your requirement but a little high in cost then do not compromise on its qualities. You must go ahead to buy it. In market economical nebulizers are also available with all


You must purchase a nebulizer with a warranty for several years. You can use a good nebulizer for log last and you need a warranty for such products. Products with a warranty or even a money-back warranty give you the confidence that the quality of the product is not compromising.

So, a smart buyer is always looking for the warranty of the bet nebulizer. We hope that after reading this article you will be able to find the best nebulizer for home use.